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Wimpy’s Christmas Auction

In order to help facilitate and pay for Wimpy’s Fund, along with many generous donations we receive, The Rockton Lions supplements this fund with our annual auction during Christmas Walk.

Beginning in October we begin soliciting businesses for donations. We in turn use these for live and silent auction items. The auction has grown to be a fun community event. This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, our auction is all virtual and will begin at 7 pm on December 5th. Please see our auction website to sign up and view the items. All proceeds from this event go directly into our Wimpy’s Fund Account. To donate to the auction, please contact Connie Kieffer

A Special Thank You to our Presenting Sponsor Montgomery Financial Services. With their sponsorship we have the resources to modernize our auction process to make everything from bidding to checking out faster and more convenient!

All proceeds from this event benefit the Wimpy’s Fund and our efforts to provide presents and Christmas Dinner to area families. Thank you for your support & Thank you to Montgomery Financial Services.